Paper to CAD Conversion

Why go through the hassle and experience of doing that grunt work when you can easily outsource it to experienced cad professionals at less cost?

Paper to CAD

If you find yourself with a paper drawing and you need it in cad, fast and accurate with no hassles, call us. Why go through the hassle and experience of doing that grunt work when you can easily outsource it to experienced cad professionals at less cost? Paper to cad conversion means just that, we convert your scanned paper drawing into an accurate cad drawing. We use your scan as a background and manually redraw the whole thing, using your layers, styles and conventions. When we finish its an exact copy of the original, only in cad. We use autocad and will send you the finished files as .dwg unless you would like them in another format. It’s easiest to contact us by email, send your email with the scanned image(s) to us at or call 1-408-905-0430. Let me know when you need it, and any specific instructions that might be needed. I will call or email you back right away with a time frame and quote. Our prices are very easy to calculate, we don’t charge for rush orders or by density of drawing, however we will give a price break for very simple drawings, as well as volume discounts for large orders.

Cad Conversion  – Process
We use AIA standard conventions as a default, or we can use your layer standards, title blocks and line weights for no additional charge. We  offer top quality cad conversions at the most affordable rates in the market and take pride in our work. When you need to convert scanned blueprints to .dwg call us for fast and accurate cad conversions.
We  convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate AutoCad files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and pdf files are manually traced by trained autocad drafters, and checked continually by licensed US architects for accuracy.
Some services offer a paper to cad conversion service that uses software to process a scanned image into a cad format. This scan to cad method works well for archiving older drawings. However, the problem with this scan to cad conversion process is that it produces a drawing that lacks accuracy. Many aspects of the cad conversion can be distorted, including scale and line accuracy.
If you want a workable autocad file, manual redrawing is the only method that insures a quality 100% accurate conversion.
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We have been in the CAD data conversion business for 16 years. That experience allows us to  know quickly  what is needed  and what will  work for your  CAD conversion project. Our excellent  knowledge of CAD drafting and  formats, combined with 25 years of Architectural experience ensures you the highest quality conversion possible.

We offer precision conversion including converting the following types of drawings to cad:

It was only 15 years ago that computers and cad software became affordable and powerful enough to use for  mainstream architects and engineers. That means there are  a whole lot of paper drawings in the files. When you have to add on to that building you designed years ago, send your scans to us and we will give you a hassle free head start on your new design. We convert blueprints to cad, pdf to cad, pdf to dwg, tiff to dwg, jpg to dwg.  Scan at 150 dpi or 200 dpi tiff or jpg files, and email the files to us.


We charge $ 10 to $15/hr for cad drafting. We will give a fixed quote on your work before starting as well as a time frame.

We have a standard turn around time of 3 to 5 days for cad conversion orders of 1-10 sheets, larger orders please contact us, we give discounts for large orders and those who can work with flexible schedules. or call us: 1-408-905-0430